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Even the most resilient and capable person encounters times when it’s challenging to find their way through what’s in front of them. That’s where we come in – to provide you with the extra support, perspective, and expertise you need to move forward, and to do so confidently.

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Whether your relationship feels too cool and distant or too hot and escalated, whether you’re looking to do preventative therapy work or you need to work through specific and significant challenges, we have a clinician who can partner with you to improve your connection to one another.

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We know that creating and sustaining a family is often simply incredible, and sometimes it’s entirely overwhelming. We have clinicians who will work together with your family and your children – from preschoolers through highschoolers – to transform the dynamic in your home.

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Some of our clinicians are Gottman Trained Educators and regularly offer both the “Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work” and “Bringing Baby Home” programs. Both are evidence-based classes that offer a cost-effective alternative or addition to therapy work.

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Why Affinity Psych?

We know how challenging it was just to get to this point – to have the courage to recognize that your life needs to head in a different direction, and then to take the time out of your busy schedule to research providers and hope that you find one you like. We get it, and we respect the effort that took. There are a lot of clinicians out there, and each is a good fit for someone.

One thing that sets us apart at  Affinity Psych is that we are committed to making the therapy process as easy, convenient, and modern as possible. That’s why you can digitally manage virtually every interaction with our office, from scheduling to billing to contacting your provider.

Creating and sustaining mental health and wellness is an investment of time, finances, and emotional energy, so we want you to make a good decision when choosing your provider. Each of our clinicians has their own style and their own specialties, but everyone here at Affinity Psych is grounded in these four guiding principles:

  • The “real you” is incredible, irreplaceable, and absolutely worth knowing.
  • You have the power and the ability to bring about change in your life.
  • Your overall sense of well-being is intimately tied to the quality of your relationships.  
  • There is strength and wisdom in asking an expert for help.

This is where you have to trust your instincts. If you resonate with what you’re reading and you think we might be a good fit for your specific needs and goals, click through our provider profiles to learn more about our team.

And if you’re ready to get started right now, you can use the links below to email us, text us, or go ahead and schedule your own appointment through our secure and up-to-date online calendar.

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Issues We Treat:

  • depression
  • anxiety and stress
  • relationship and dating concerns

  • self-confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness
  • sexuality and gender
  • gender transition and letter-writing

  • grief and loss
  • disordered eating

  • body image

  • life transitions
  • parenting
  • social anxiety

  • career development and work/life balancing

Populations We Serve:

  • individuals, couples, and families

  • children, adolescents, and young adults

  • undergraduate and graduate students
  • “type A” personalities
  • emotionally distant couples
  • couples and families in conflict

  • LGBTQI communities
  • new parents
  • “alternative” lifestyles and relationships
  • gifted and talented individuals
  • trauma survivors

  • athletes

  • those in need of teletherapy services

  • transplants to the Midwest

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