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Are you ready to be…
  • more fully yourself?
  • more confident to create the future you deserve?
  • more in sync with those around you?
Of course you are!

You know you need your life to stop feeling so limited, so constrained. You’re no longer willing to be held back by worry, sadness, self-doubt, loneliness, or pain.

You know that life can be bigger and better than it is right now, and you’re ready to take the steps to get there. That’s incredible! It takes courage to acknowledge you want to change your life. We believe you have the power and ability to make that change happen!

We are a pro-insurance practice of awesome, effective therapists

At Affinity, we help you harness your strengths so that you can move your life in a different direction. That’s the work we love. That’s the work we do with our clients every day. And that’s the work we’ll do with you, too!

You can schedule with confidence knowing that all Affinity therapists are:

  • Experts in their chosen specialties.
  • Confident in their ability to help you.
  • Warm, upbeat, and optimistic.
  • Committed to providing you with the highest quality of care.

If you’re ready to get started right now, you can use the links below to email us, text us, or go ahead and schedule your own appointment through our secure and up-to-date online calendar.

You have the power and the ability to bring about

change in your life.

How it works:

1. Schedule appointment
2. Complete paperwork online
3. Show up
4. Start making progress


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