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4 Lesser-Known Indicators of Depression

Not many people associate depression with, say, reckless driving or risky sexual behavior. But these are just some of the possible signs. Therefore, one of the most important steps to take in dealing with depression is becoming familiar with its less obvious symptoms.

Test Anxiety? 5 Ways You Can Encourage Your College Student

Students sometimes think that they are doomed to get an awful test score or won’t remember a single fact on an exam. These thoughts seem true to them at the moment. Without judgment, ask them to take a  mental step back to challenge the idea that the test is “all or nothing” and look for truths about what they already know and how they can study well.

How to Know If Medication Management is For You

Medication can help reduce or eliminate your symptoms to help you manage your life and emotions well.

Appropriately trained mental health professionals are aware of what medications will help you, depending on your mental health condition and its severity. With medication management, you will be evaluated on what medications are most likely to aid you, provided a prescription,  and afforded medical monitoring if you decide to use them.

How To Tell If You Are Feeding A Narcissist’s Supply

Relationships are all about give and take. When you’re in a relationship, you do things to help the other person, and they respond in kind. But, sometimes, one person in the relationship requires or requests more than the other. Narcissists have an increased desire to have all of their needs met. If you are in […]

6 Typical and Uncommon Causes of Depression

It cannot be overstated. Clinical depression is much more than a brief interlude of feeling sad or down. Deeper than “the blues” depression is a diagnosable mental health disorder that is growing in prevalence. It is very serious but fortunately, also very treatable. Being aware of the causes of depression is a strong step in […]

Why EMDR: A Valuable Tool in Your Effort To Feel Safe Again

Trauma can cause significant problems if you feel stuck inside a traumatic memory. You may have been the survivor of a tragedy, experienced assault, or have seen destruction happen right in front of you. Just when you thought the world was a safe place, reality kicked in and the shock stayed with you. The reason […]