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Identifying and Coping with “Eco-grief”

Do you find yourself worrying about climate change? Are you constantly thinking about the effects of climate change on the world? Do the increasingly high number of forest fires and extreme weather events worry you? Do you experience genuine grief at the idea that we might be losing a big part of our planet’s ecosystems for good?

How Intimacy and Communication Are Linked

Two hallmark pillars of any healthy relationship are intimacy and communication. If a couple is strong in both of these aspects of their partnership, it’s safe to assume that their relationship is healthy. But why and how are these two factors so important? 

3 Tips To Improve Your Self-Esteem When You Have Anxiety

What comes to mind when you think of anxiety? Most people would answer that question with words like worry, stress, fear, dread, or panic. And they would not be wrong. But how many folks associate low self-esteem with an anxiety disorder? After a little thought, however, the connections become more obvious.

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