Family Therapy

Every family has issues. Every family is also filled with love. Family therapy can help you address your issues so that the love has a chance to fully shine through.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy recognizes that your family is a system, and that what happens in one part of the system affects the other parts. For example, when your child acts out, it affects you, your partner, and the other children in the family. Your therapist works with one or more members of the family to improve the family as a whole. Family therapy helps reduce family conflict, adjust to changes and transitions, and strengthen communication and coping skills.

A family can be made up of many different configurations of people. Some families are made up of two opposite-sex parents and their children. Other families include single-parent households, stepparents, grandparents raising grandchildren, same-sex parents, and families without children. Family therapy works with and for all of these different types of families.

Even within your own family structure, you play multiple roles. For example, a middle-aged woman might be raising children with her spouse while also working with her siblings to assist their aging parents. Family therapy recognizes all of those different roles that she plays as mother, wife, sister, and daughter. There are family therapy techniques available to help her understand each role, how interaction in one relationship may impact others, and how to find her own truth within those many roles. Family therapy might include her siblings and parents or it might just include her spouse and children. The combinations are endless and are designed around your specific needs.

Why Families Come to Therapy

The good news is that if you change just one part of the dynamic, then the whole system can change. You have the power to make big changes in your own family just by taking the steps yourself. While it’s great if the whole family is on board with therapy, change can come about even when just one person starts to make changes. You are empowered to start the process yourself.

Families come to therapy to deal with many different issues. Just a few examples include:

  • Adjusting to transitions due to separation, divorce, and remarriage
  • Children’s behavioral issues impacting the entire family
  • Conflict within the family including siblings fighting and parents fighting
  • Handling the challenges of chronic mental or physical illness
  • Power struggles between parents and children
  • Substance use and recovery issues by one or more family member

Oftentimes, families come to therapy during times of change. When adult children reach different milestones in their own lives, they may wish to work through old family patterns, conflicts, and trauma. As their own parents age, they may come to therapy to work through the transition of becoming the caregiver to the parents.

All families have struggles. All families can heal.

Types of Family Therapy

Most types of family therapy engage the whole family in the process. Usually you will all go into the office together to work with your therapist to deal with trauma, conflict, transitions, the impact of the past on the present, and many other challenges. You will learn how to develop the strengths of each family member in order to increase respect, communication, and positive feelings within the entire family system. The therapist will help structure the conversations so that each person in the family is able to say their own truth, express their own emotions, and listen with an open mind to the other members of the family.

Yes, we know, that sounds impossible for some families. If you come from a family where every conversation turns into a screaming match, then it sounds naïve to think that you’ll learn to talk quietly and respectfully with one another. If you come from a family that shuts down and doesn’t talk at all, it might seem even more impossible that therapy can help. However, if you give it a chance, then you might be surprised.

Talk to an Expert

You can contact us to learn more about the types of family therapy that we offer and to get some consultation around the type that might be best for you. We want to help your family grow and thrive in the ways that are best for you.

It’s important for you to know that we really believe in your family. Every single family has problems and challenges. You shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of dealing with those things.

Every family also has strengths.

We know this, and we want to make sure that you can see, appreciate, and make the most of your strengths. It’s easy to feel like your family is falling apart and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. That’s a myth. We want to help you break through the myth so that your family can thrive.

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