Sexuality and LGBTQI+ Communities

Understanding sexuality is no easy feat. First of all, society sends you a whole bunch of messages starting from when you are very little. No matter how much you try to define sexuality for yourself, those messages seep in, and they can cause you at times to feel confused, frustrated, or othered. If you’re working to understand sexuality and LGBTQI+ communities, then you might feel like it’s a lot to puzzle through.

Even once you’ve come to a solid understanding and acceptance of your own sexuality, it can change.

The dynamics at play in each new relationship can help you see new aspects of your sexuality. Changes in your body due to age, hormones, or life transitions (such as having children) can alter your experiences of your own sexuality. This can be particularly confusing for LGBTQI+ individuals who might have worked hard to define their sexuality and feel like these changes are tied up with their identity. We offer LGBTQI+ support and help for all people seeking an understanding of their sexuality. Additionally, we also help support partners and families including non-nuclear families.

Understanding Sexuality

We are very interested in working with sexuality issues and LGBTQI+ individuals because we know that this is a very important aspect of a person’s life. Everyone is a sexual being. Even people who identify as asexual must work through their sexuality to come to understanding and acceptance of that truth. We hold no judgments or preconceived notions about what your sexuality, gender, or identity should be or will be.

Understanding your own sexuality is not a milestone but rather a process. We want to work with you to feel empowered in the exploration of this journey. We want to start where you are, not define where you need to end up.

For example, we provide LGBTQI+ support, but we don’t assume that we know exactly what that needs to look like for you. We believe that you are deeply knowledgeable about your sexuality and identity, even if you feel confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed at this moment. We trust you to be able to find the answers for yourself and simply want to provide guidance, support, wisdom (and maybe a little humor) along the way.

Regardless of your orientation, relationship status, gender identity, or other factors, sexuality plays an important role in your life. Understanding sexuality can be a lifelong, ever changing process. If you want to continue deepening your relationship, comfort level, and possibilities for your own sexuality, you can take this journey as far as you’d like. That said, if you have a specific challenge and understanding your sexuality better can help, you might work through that and feel done. Either way is an okay way to be.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Your sexuality is a unique, personal aspect of your life. However, you don’t have to work through the process alone. Many people try to do it on their own for so many different reasons. You might feel ashamed of your sexuality. Alternatively, you might feel confident in your sexuality but fearful of the response from others, particularly if you’ve already experienced the trauma of negative reactions in the past. Exposing your sexuality can be very vulnerable, so it’s natural to want to protect yourself.

As humans, we are all sexual beings. Therefore, it’s a shame that so many people still find it taboo to talk about their sexuality. Even within sex-positive and LGBTQI+ circles, talking about sexuality in an open way can be limited. You might feel like you don’t quite fit in with the others in your group, even if it’s a very liberal group. You might be afraid to speak up about the questions you have that would help you to better understand and explore your sexuality.

The more we allow ourselves to be silent, the greater our risk of feeling othered in the world. There’s good news, though, because your therapist will work with you to process and respond to the challenges that you might encounter in sharing your sexuality with people in your life. Of course, you can’t control how different people will react to you, but you can work towards a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. This will help to sustain you and give you confidence even as you undergo changes in your understanding of your own sexuality, so that you can feel capable of showing up authentically with others.

Resources for the LGBTQI+ Community

Any individual of any gender or orientation can benefit from greater understanding of their sexuality. LGBTQI+ folks in particular, though, often face incredible challenges as they navigate a world that can still be openly hostile or dismissive of them and their experiences. This is why we work hard to create a safe and open space for folks, regardless of their sexuality.

Moreover, we know that the community itself is diverse and ever-changing. As new research and personal stories become available, we work to understand sexuality in new ways. We do this because we want to be able to assist you in a full understanding of your sexuality.

We make sure that we do the research because we know that it’s not your job to educate us about sexuality and LGBTQI+ life. That said, we don’t claim to be experts on your individual sexuality. We want to listen to you and your own unique experience, helping you to parse through whatever might be confusing or challenging for you at this time without underestimating your own power to grow stronger from within. We believe that you are perfect the way that you are, and we want to offer you the support, resources, and tools to fully embrace that for yourself.

If you are struggling with any aspect of understanding sexuality or navigating life as an LGBTQI+ person, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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