Latika Sharma

Billing Specialist

Hi! I’m Latika, the Billing Specialist for Affinity Psychological Services. I was born in India, in a small village in the beds of the Himalayan Mountains. I love farming and gardening at home. I live with my family and a very cute dog, Zubu. I love music, singing and playing guitar. Most importantly, I love traveling and hiking. Recently, I completed my MBA in Business Analytics. It helps me to manage difficult situations in an ever changing world.

How I Work

I work on the denied and rejected claims here, as well as Accounts Receivable. I work with insurance companies on finding the reason for denials and fixing those claims. Also, I work with clients on updating charts with new insurance information. I like helping providers and clients, and I try to become a bridge between them. I try to ensure that the process of starting and maintaining therapy sessions, along with the financial responsibility that goes along with that, is not a cause for stress in an already stressful world.

What Sets Me Apart

As we all go through difficult times, I try to communicate with clients and help them with billing and updating insurance information in charts. I try to help answer the questions they have. Everyone has a lot going on. I try my best to make sure that things that can be handled are handled well. So my foremost priority is developing good and collaborative relationships with clients so that their issues can be resolved.