Neena Wilcox

Operations Manager

Well, hello there! I’m Neena, the Operations Manager for Affinity. I received my undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University and am currently completing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Celebrating two decades in the behavioral and mental health industry, I have worked with, been trained by, and mentored with amazing thought leaders, providing me exemplary experience in organizational operations, marketing, and leadership. Outside of work, I married my high school sweetheart, have two amazing daughters, a very energetic dog, and a life full of adventures that revolves around sports, travel, camping, hunting, and anything creative I can get myself into.

What Sets Me Apart As An Admin

As someone who is a big believer in self care, and having done work around my own codependency and trauma, I utilize a lens of compassion, empathy, and grace in all aspects of my life, including work life. Through my personal journey, I certainly understand how difficult it is to navigate seeking help; and, through my professional journey, I have had the privilege to hold the hands of hundreds of individuals as they have made the beautiful decision to experience change, transformation, and healing. Combined with the opportunity to work along-side the healers for so many years, experiencing firsthand the immense contributions they make to our world, I have been able to peek through a window of different and diverse areas of the mental and behavioral health industry. This has allowed me to build unique qualities and skills (and success!) in leadership, team, and culture building.

How I Work

Being both right-brained and left-brained, I am analytical, yet highly creative. Ensuring efficient and productive systems to make things as easy as possible for our team is incredibly important to me. I also never want to miss the chance to help coach, mentor, and strengthen our team members! I enjoy consulting with colleagues on growing through our challenges and also celebrating our successes! This has helped mold my servant-leadership style. As the Operations Manager, my priority is to support our team in a multitude of ways that allows them to feel happy, valued, and confident in their ability to do their job, so that they can be of valuable service to you.