Samatalis Haille, MA, LPCC

Hello!  I am Samatalis Haille ( I go by Sammy). I am a Professional Clinical Counselor licensed in Minnesota. I offer individual, couples, and family therapy. I hold undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St Mary’s University of Minnesota. In addition to outpatient therapy, I have held clinical positions in Rescare, currently SpringPath Mental Health Services in Twin Cities.  I work with you to gain insight to what is driving your presenting challenges. We will then build plans on that insight to develop habits that offer lasting solutions to the challenges.

I work with adults in individual, couples, or family settings, who are working through anxiety, depression, and trauma.  I have dealt with some degree of anxiety, trauma, depression and what appears to be a mild degree of ADHD myself. I grew up in wartime Somalia, lived as an immigrant in the US for more than two decades engaging with challenges in this new home and the problems of the original homeland, concurrently. I see all your challenges, and mine too,  as opportunities to learn and grow.

How I Work

When you talk to me, I will always listen. I pay attention to what you THINK about, what you talk about, and how you FEEL about it. Strong emotions signal to you that there is something that needs attention. Thoughts provide important clues as to the cause of these strong emotions. Together, we will discuss these issues, come up with constructive solutions, and build on those thoughts to find ways for you to overcome whatever it is you are facing at that time. In simple terms, you and I will harness your own thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, behaviors, and motivations to get you to where you want to go.

What Sets Me Apart As a Therapist?

I believe what sets me apart from many therapists is that I follow you to wherever you go. As you talk, I try to extend on your ideas and challenge your thoughts. I will roll with you, as they say, aiming to see things from your perspective and build on concepts that are consistent with your thinking. If you think at some point your perspective needs to change in regards to a specific matter, to cope effectively with whatever you are confronted with, I am also here to challenge you and ask the hard questions that will aid in healthy self-reflection.

Issues I Treat:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (13 and up)
  • ADHD
  • Substance use and addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Personality disorders
  • Difficult relationships
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Impulse control challenges

Populations I Serve:

  • Couples
  • Children 11+
  • Individual Adults 18+
  • Families with relationship challenges
  • NT, SP and NF MBTI personality types

Also Fluent In:

  • Somali

Professional background:


  • Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Political Science and minor in Psychology from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.
  • Masters in Counseling & Psychological Services from St Mary’s University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.


  • I have completed Gottman level 3, couples therapy training
  • 12 hours course on an evidence based practice on how to deal with dual disorders
  • Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery, E-IMR From University of MN: Center for Practice Transformation
  • DBT skills from Nystrom & Associates Training center in Arden Hills
  • Completed introduction and level 1 training of Floor time model
  • Completed my 700 hours internship on Motivational Interviewing
  • Completed my Masters Thesis on the causes and novel treatment of schizophrenia
  • Now enrolled in a 14 weeks, Level 1 certificate course, to serve people with developmental disorders, and also the rest of the population who may have similar challenges.

Previous Employment

  • Nystrom & Associates
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Services, IRTS
  • Rescare, now SpringPath


  • MN, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, #3240