Teagen Carlstrom

Administrative Specialist


Hi there! My name is Teagen and I’m one of the Administrative Specialists here at Affinity. I started my career getting a bachelors in Psychology from the University of North Dakota and started working as a Psych Associate in the ER. This career quickly shaped my outlook on life, taught me ways to offer compassion, inspire hope, and provide opportunities to give others life-changing support. My goal is to be a support in the same way to my fellow colleagues, clients and anyone I run into here at Affinity. When I’m not working, you can either find me, making art, working out, hanging out with my friends or being outside!

What Sets Me Apart As An Admin

Life can be challenging and for some more than others. That’s why it’s so important to me to treat everyone with kindness. I make it a goal of mine each day to do something kind for another person because you just never know what someone could be going through. Now that I’m in Healthcare Administration, I will do my best to give you my full support, attention and try to make this journey as painless and easy as possible.

How I Work

As the administrative assistant and onboarding specialist, I assist our clinicians with setting up their profiles, getting them acclimated to Affinity, administrative tasks, and anything in between! I love being a help in any way I can and my goal is to make things run smoothly!