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How Intimacy and Communication Are Linked

Two hallmark pillars of any healthy relationship are intimacy and communication. If a couple is strong in both of these aspects of their partnership, it’s safe to assume that their relationship is healthy. But why and how are these two factors so important? 

Both intimacy and communication play critical roles in the strength and health of any relationship, romantic or platonic. To become emotionally close, the two factors work together to create a sense of trust and understanding. But how, exactly, do they work together? Let’s review some of the most asked questions regarding intimacy, communication, and how the two work together to create a rock-solid foundation for your relationship. 

What are intimacy and communication, really? 

When it comes to understanding how concepts work together, defining is key. Communication is simple: it’s how people talk to one another. In relationships, an open and honest flow of communication is key. It’s very difficult to be in a healthy relationship with someone who does not tell the truth or otherwise does not share things. 

Intimacy is a little less straightforward. Essentially, the term intimacy encompasses the entire emotional connection between two people. It can refer to the vulnerability and trust that builds over time in a relationship. It can also refer to the physical aspect of romantic relationships, although it does not have to. Once you realize you can be open and transparent with another person without fear of judgment, you have reached very intimate levels. 

How communication works to build intimacy

Communication is a tool that is used to foster a deeper sense of intimacy between people. Without effective communication, true intimacy is incredibly hard to achieve. Through you and your partner’s communication skills, you can build trust and emotional connection. This is done through sharing things with one another and being open and honest. 

couple in bed cuddling with each otherHow intimacy allows better communication

A deep sense of intimacy also allows you and your partner to have more effective communication with one another. When you are vulnerable with another person and allow them to see all parts of you, it is much easier to have increased trust in them. This trust is also known as emotional safety. It is the sense that you know your partner will not judge you for whatever you have to say or do. 

Ways to foster intimacy and strong communication 

If you and your partner are not quite at the highest levels of emotional intimacy or deep communication, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of steps you can take to work on your communication and intimacy together. Try a few of the following steps to see how they work for you. 

  • Hone in your listening skills: Always practice active listening! Nothing damages communication more than only half listening to what your partner has to say. 
  • Ask about their day: The little things are what matters most in life. Even a quick question to show you are truly interested in your partner’s day will go a very long way. 
  • Share experiences with one another: Having shared memories creates a bond that will last a lifetime. You also will have the chance to test your relationship in different capacities.

Ultimately, every relationship looks a bit different from the other. Whether you and your partner’s intimacy looks different from your best friend’s form of intimacy is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. If you find that you and your partner have potentially been struggling with either intimacy or communication, then couple’s therapy may be a good route for you to take. Reach out today with any questions you may have about couples counseling.

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