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How to Participate in May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

The designation of May as Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949 was a much-needed step. Even so, millions of people throughout the world are dealing with mental health conditions. Additionally, the amount of children who are dealing with mental health conditions is, unfortunately on the rise. Even though there are treatments for mental health issues, many people are hesitant to reach out for support.

Stigma must be decreased, and awareness must be increased. Therefore, this month can be a powerful catalyst for improving our collective well-being. Effective treatments have been developed in the past 75 years. But what can we each be doing this Mental Health Awareness Month?

How to Participate in May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Don’t Keep It to Yourself

therapist writing in notebookSilence leads to more problems. When we talk about mental health and mental health months, we create space for crucial conversations to happen. This May, you can:

  • Tell your own story and lead by example
  • Engage in self-education to better understand the scope of mental health issues and how you can be a supportive friend, partner, neighbor, and co-worker
  • Don’t allow stigmas to go unchallenged
  • Let the people in your life know that you’re present and available

Add Some Basics Into Your Life

Caring for your mental health is much more than an official treatment plan. The choices you make all day long play a major role. Why not integrate some positive practices into your life and invite others to join in? For example:

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Gentle movements like yoga and tai chi
  • Aromatherapy
  • Maintain a daily gratitude practice

Learn to Recognize Possible Signs of Mental Distress

This goes for yourself and the people around you. Some red flags to identify are:

  • Chronic sadness
  • Low energy
  • Inability to concentrate and focus
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sleep issues
  • Unexplained physical symptoms
  • A general sense of restlessness
  • Ongoing worry and nervousness

Of course, learning the signs and symptoms does not give you permission to diagnose yourself or anyone else. Basically, it allows you to better gauge your own health and be more empathetic toward others.

Learn How to Stay Calm and Healthy Even When Stress Closes In

Whether you’re at home, work, or play, some crises will inevitably arise. It’s a powerful form of solace to discover that you can handle these moments without getting triggered. While panic might be your first impulse, you can do well when you have a toolbox of productive coping skills, e.g. journaling, tech breaks, regular sleep patterns, relying on your social support system, healthy eating choices, maintaining positive routines and schedules, be active (especially outdoors), doing something creative, resist self-medication, positive self-talk, and leaning on whatever spiritual practice you follow.

Shout It Out Loud

Social media can have far more powerful and productive uses than just selfies and flame wars. Use your platform to create a safe space for anyone who wants to learn about or talk about mental health. It can start with private groups but ultimately, if you stay public, you increase the number of people you can inspire and health. It’s time to help more people feel comfortable in seeking help.

Therapy is Available for All 12 Months

As you learn more and hear more from others, you’ll undoubtedly encounter many therapy success stories. So, do not forget that you can ask for help all year round. Mental Health Awareness Month is a great reminder for everyone but the positive energy does not end on June 1. What a gift to give to yourself or anyone else to benefit from the wide range of mental health professionals who are ready to be your advocate. Let the month of May be a launching pad for deeper awareness and plenty of healing!

Reach out to learn more about our services such as anxiety or depression treatment and we would be happy to help you or your loved one.

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