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You are facing a challenge in your life. You want to feel better. Individual therapy can help. Individual therapy runs the gamut in terms of what it treats, how long it lasts, and what you do in the therapy room. It’s individual, just like you. Overall, though, the goal is for you to experience relief from distress, help with decision making, and increased satisfaction with your quality of life.

In other words, individual therapy empowers you to feel better both immediately and in the long-term. Whether you want to deal with a specific issue that’s distressing you today or explore deeper, complex thoughts and feelings in order to facilitate personal growth, individual therapy can help.

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What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is simply counseling that you do one-on-one with a trained therapist. In contrast, marriage therapy or couples therapy is counseling for people in relationships to work on their issues together. Likewise, family therapy brings together multiple family members in the counseling room to address issues within the group. Individual therapy is what you do just for you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t address relationship or family issues. We are all humans who exist within multiple relationships and roles. Those experiences impact us, and therefore, we may have many challenges that arise because of them. The difference is that in individual therapy, you’ll work through your own experience of those relationships with your therapist, rather than bringing the other people into the therapy room with you. This gives you the opportunity to fully express all of your thoughts, feelings, memories, fears, and hopes with a therapist who is there to offer non-judgmental, open-minded support.

How Can Therapy Help?

Most people come to individual therapy because they are struggling with something. You might be in emotional crisis, dealing with grief or trauma. On the other hand, you might be struggling with symptoms of a mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety. In these cases, your first goal is to feel better. You will work with your therapist to find ways to treat the immediate distress so that you can get to a clearer, more regulated emotional state. What you need depends on your unique situation and could include a referral for medication, deep breathing and relaxation techniques, or a plan to deal with an immediate stressor.

Individual therapy helps you deal with the acute issues facing you when you arrive so that you reduce the stress in your life. It gets you back on track to better daily coping.

As individual therapy continues, you will begin to feel better. Having dealt with the immediate issues that brought you into therapy, you might decide that you’re done with therapy. However, you might also choose to stay in therapy. If you do, then you will have the chance to continue to explore your life and mind. You can heal past wounds, set goals, build self-esteem, explore spiritual growth, and begin to live a more authentic, fulfilling life. The benefits of individual therapy are nearly endless if you want to put in the work to reap them. You have the power, ability, and right to choose the life that you want to live. Individual therapy gives you the tools that you need to make the most of those choices. It helps you be you.

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Start Feeling Better Today!

Many people are hesitant to try individual therapy if it’s new for them. You might be scared that you won’t know what to say to your therapist. You might worry that talking about the past will open up old wounds that you aren’t prepared to deal with. In fact, you might have fears and concerns that you aren’t even sure how to articulate. We understand. We have the education and experience to address your concerns and help you find the therapeutic approach that will work best for you.

There are many different types of individual therapy. You might benefit greatly from the traditional “talk therapy” where you sit in a room and discuss your past and present so that you can have a terrific future. However, that’s not your only option. You might like a more short-term, skill-building type of therapy. On the other hand, you might like therapy that addresses intergenerational trauma, cultural diversity issues, or non-traditional lifestyle choices. The more open you are about your needs and desires early on, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to find the therapist that is the right fit for you. The great thing about individual therapy is that it’s all about you, so it’s possible to tailor individual therapy techniques to meet your specific needs.

We believe that you already have a lot of strengths, skills, and wonderful traits. You are already the terrific, amazing person that you want to be. Individual therapy helps you to realize that (or remember it) for yourself. We want to help you start feeling better today, whether you’re dealing with an immediate, acute crisis or you want to explore long-term personal growth. Contact us for a consultation for individual therapy today. We are happy to answer questions about the general therapy process as well as about your unique individual situation.


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