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The work that you do is so important, which is exactly what makes it so incredibly stressful. Even when you love what you are doing, believe in it, and are successful at it, work creates extra pressures in your life that didn’t exist when you had fewer responsibilities and fewer people looking at you to lead them. There are times when it can feel as though the stress will break you. You keep going, but it’s at the expense of your relationships, happiness, and health.

We understand.

Therapy for Executives

Executive therapy comes from a place of deep understanding that the many successes you enjoy in your career can also cause problems in your life. You may feel like you are thriving in your business but never have time for family. Or you may grapple with the feeling that even though you’re at the top of your game, you could lose your footing at any second.

Professional therapy for executives empowers you to utilize all of your strengths while also addressing the more vulnerable side of your personality. Many professionals worry that tapping into this softer side will damage them professionally. If you’ve spent your life in competition to get to the top, then you may fear that you’ll lose your edge.

That fear is lying to you. All of the strengths you come to the job with are there within you and won’t go away. On the other hand, if you have underlying emotional issues that you aren’t addressing, you may actually be compromising your job performance in the future. Executives do burn out.

When You’re the Boss, Who Can You Confide In?

In so many ways, it is wonderful being at the top. You’ve worked hard to earn that place. Whether you’re the CEO of a large company or an entrepreneur with your own small business, you put in long hours and made many sacrifices to get where you are. It comes with many benefits.

However, there’s a reason for that saying “it’s lonely at the top.”

As the boss, you may feel that you have to maintain a certain image. You don’t want to appear weak, indecisive, or faltering. Of course, naturally, you have those human emotions just like everyone else. Each day you deal with myriad decisions and stressors, and it’s only normal to react to them.

Your staff are likely the people you spend the most time with. Yet you may feel like you can’t reveal these parts of yourself. Your family doesn’t want to hear about your problems because they already feel like they don’t get the best parts of you. So, who do you turn to? Therapy can help.

Don’t Manage Your Mental Health Alone

You are not alone in this. We recognize your fundamental strengths and want to help you utilize those in ways that allow you to thrive not only at work but in all areas of your life. We respect and honor where you are in your career while also helping you attend to your mental health.

You may find therapy for business owners helpful if you:

  • Are a minority leader struggling with diversity issues “at the top”
  • Feel unfulfilled despite all external signs pointing to your success
  • Find that your relationships are suffering due to a problematic work/life ratio
  • Have days when you just don’t want to answer the phone or deal with the job
  • Want to take your own business in a new direction but face fear

Reach out today to make an appointment if you are experiencing anxiety or depression. We want to support you as you continue to grow.

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