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***Seeking online therapy in response to COVID-19/coronavirus? We recognize that this is a new and worrisome time we’re all facing. In response, we are actively expanding our schedules to respond to the increased demand for supportive mental health services.

Now more than ever, we know that prioritizing your mental health will be of the utmost importance. We will support you, as you work to be of service to those around you. We are here for you.***

Those in Need of Teletherapy Services

Virtual therapy is an increasingly popular option for individuals, couples, and families. We know it’s challenging to figure out how to fit even one more thing into your always busy schedule. Engaging in online therapy can be just the tool you need. Being able to meet with a therapist by video, from your own device, from any private location, makes it just that much easier to figure out how to incorporate therapy into your week.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy, or telemental health, is a way of providing remote mental health services. Simply put, you are accessing therapy services when you and your therapist are not sitting in the same room together. Instead, you are using any of your own personal devices (smartphone, tablet, or computer) to talk securely with your therapist from the comfort of your home or other private space.

At Affinity, the most common way that we meet with clients for teletherapy is by online video. We use several secure video platforms to do this. Some people might find the idea a bit strange at first. However, if you’re familiar with Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, then you can already easily imagine how it feels, and how it works, to do a video therapy session.

Studies have demonstrated that teletherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy for a wide range of issues. Additionally, all of our therapists are specially trained in the delivery of effective telemental health services. So you can rest assured that we can help you address the issue bringing you to therapy, whether in-person or by video.

You may choose to engage entirely in teletherapy services,  or you may use online therapy on an as-needed basis. We will work with you to find the method of therapy that best suits your exact needs.

Is Teletherapy Right for You?

There are many different reasons that people can seek teletherapy services. There is no one specific type of client that will find it most useful. In fact, the people who utilize teletherapy services are very diverse.

Perhaps you are a busy executive and it’s difficult to get away from the office for a weekly appointment. Or you don’t want to miss your regularly scheduled appointment, but a snowstorm makes it difficult to get to your therapist’s office. Also, couples who have schedules that are difficult to coordinate may use online therapy to more conveniently access services. Teletherapy provides you an opportunity to stay consistent with your therapy work regardless of these kinds of situational challenges.

On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t so busy that you can’t go to therapy but instead have trouble leaving the house to get there. People with agoraphobia and other forms of anxiety may find it so challenging to go speak with a therapist in person that they never make an appointment.

Teletherapy offers the chance to get the support that you need in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a person living in a rural environment or a small town with limited resources, you can access high-quality therapy services through teletherapy. Or maybe you’re dealing with issues related to oppression or discrimination. You might be worried about showing up in a local therapy office, or you simply want to ensure your privacy. Teletherapy can give you peace of mind. It allows you to reach therapists in other areas who can respect your confidentiality, bring their expertise to your specific issues, and work with you to make empowered choices in the face of your challenges.

Get Started with Teletherapy Today

Teletherapy isn’t right for everyone, but it could be right for you. It’s important to understand that although there are pros and cons to teletherapy, it is not “lesser than” other types of therapy. You will still work with one of our skilled, licensed, awesome therapists who hold themselves to the same standards for teletherapy as they do for their in-person work. Every day there are people using teletherapy as a means to meet their personal goals through this approach to therapy, and perhaps it might be useful to you as well.

If you think that this might be right for you, or if you have more questions about it, contact us today to learn more.

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