Open, Poly, and Non-monogamous Relationships

Non-traditional relationships are increasingly the norm these days. As therapists, we believe that you have the right to choose and celebrate the type of relationship that is right for you. We also recognize that people in any type of relationship can face challenges. We want to honor who you are and what you want while helping you work through any issues you may be dealing with.

Things to Know About Non-Traditional Relationships

We know that there is no way that we can know everything there is to know about non-traditional relationships. After all, one of the best things about these types of relationships is that each couple or group gets to define the relationship for themselves. There’s no specific paradigm to get stuck in.

That said, we also recognize that there are some very common types of non-traditional relationships. We don’t think it’s your job to educate us about those. We regularly see clients in non-traditional relationships that include:

  • Polyamory in which there is a primary couple that also have other relationships
  • Polyamory in which there is not a defined primary couple
  • Open relationships in various configurations
  • Throuples and other multi-person monogamous relationships

We understand the many challenges that can arise in these types of relationships. We also understand that you as an individual, couple, or group are unique. We are open-minded and curious about what the relationship means to you. We have no agenda or preconceived notions. We simply want to help you thrive in your relationship, whatever that relationship looks like.

Counseling for Polyamorous Couples

There are different types of counseling for people in non-traditional relationships, based on your specific needs and desires. Someone in an open relationship might come to use to work through their own questions and feelings about themselves or their partner. Polyamorous couples might come to see us together to help them deal with issues affecting their relationship. Throuples may come as a group to see us, to assist in sorting out the feelings and dynamics between them. Additionally, we offer family therapy including therapy for families with parents that are in non-traditional relationships.

Some of the things that polyamorous, open, and other non-monogamous folks come to see us for include:

  • Negotiating or redefining the boundaries of the relationship
  • Conflict within the primary relationship which may or may not have to do with their poly or open status
  • Working through transitions such as moving in, getting married, or having children
  • Parenting issues including the challenges of blended family polyamory

When to Contact a Professional

If your relationship is in conflict, then it’s definitely helpful to contact a professional. We can help you learn to communicate better so that you can problem-solve together and work towards a common goal.

If you as an individual are feeling like you could be in crisis, whether or not it relates to the relationship, then it’s also important to seek help. We provide a safe space for you to work through your emotions with the understanding that your non-traditional relationship may or may not be at issue. If it is, we’re happy to work with you on it. If it’s not, we honor your relationship and don’t assume that it’s a problem.

Of course, you don’t have to be in conflict or crisis to benefit from therapy. Non-traditional relationships thrive when there is ongoing open communication. Even when things are going well, therapy can help keep your communication on track and provide a safe place to process your feelings. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you better navigate your unique, non-traditional relationship.

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