Our Clinical Team

Andrea Undlin, MA, LMFT andrea@affinitypsych.com

Andrea is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works with children with anxiety, teens, adults, and families. She specializes in trauma and works well with a wide range of mental health issues. Andrea is passionate about helping others and keeps it real and genuine with her clients.

Magan Olson, MSW, LICSW magan@affinitypsych.com

Magan is a licensed clinical social worker, though her clients think of her more as a resiliency-finder and a confidence-grower. She helps adolescents and adults, particularly those in the LGBTQIA+ community, tap into their potential in order to achieve the growth they seek.
Jeffrey 5x7

Jeffrey Brunsgaard, MA, LPCC jeffrey@affinitypsych.com

Jeff is a licensed professional clinical counselor who works with adolescents, adults, individuals, and couples. He is direct, solution-focused, narrative, and relational in his work. He helps clients develop new patterns, write new stories, and take active control over the direction of their lives.

Christin Seirup, MA, LPCC christin@affinitypsych.com

Christin is a licensed professional clinical counselor who works primarily with individual adults. She loves partnering with clients to help them grow and heal from their past. Through that process, clients come closer to finding their true and authentic selves. This brings peace and emotional well-being in the present and instills hope for the future.

Chelsea Murphy, MA, LPCC chelsea@affinitypsych.com

Chelsea is a licensed therapist who provides judgment-free, compassionate individual therapy focused on helping you effectively deal with trauma, shame and relationship issues. She leans into mind-body traditions to help you heal, and step into the brightest, strongest version of yourself.

Tessa Larson, MA, ATR-BC, LPCC tessa@affinitypsych.com

Tessa is a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She partners with children, teens, and adults to support their reflection and growth to cope with the stressors that come with being human. Tessa uses art-making, verbal processing, and ties in nature to create deeper understanding of difficult situations.

Jennifer Hahn, MA, LPCC jennifer@affinitypsych.com

Jennifer is a licensed professional clinical counselor who works with adolescents and adult individuals. She is direct, transparent, and eccentric, and she works hard to provide her clients with a safe space where they can feel seen and heard. She believes that therapy should be what works best for each client – not one size fits most.

Stephanie Ess, MA, LMFT stephanie@affinitypsych.com

Stephanie is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with children (3+), adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She is a lifelong learner with a passion for helping people find themselves and figure out their place in the complex web of their relationships.

Dana Stewart, MSW, LICSW dana@affinitypsych.com

Dana is a licensed clinical social worker who works with individuals (ages 13+) and couples. She trusts and loves the process of therapy. She provides a safe place for clients to be seen, heard, and accepted as they explore their own path of evolution.

Bre Kwatera, MA, LPCC, LADC bre@affinitypsych.com

Bre provides individual therapy for individuals, teens, and couples. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst to creating meaningful change. She will partner with clients to engage in curiosity and navigate new insights, healing, perspective, and growth.

George Dupuy, MSW, LICSW george@affinitypsych.com

George is a licensed clinical social worker who works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. When clients need help finding calm and courage, George provides the education and support to help them steadily progress toward and achieve their goals.

Jessica McBride, MPS, LPCC, LADC jessica@affinitypsych.com

Jessica is a licensed professional clinical counselor and licensed alcohol and drug counselor who works with individual adults and couples. She is all about creating and nurturing connection – connecting clients to their strengths, to healthy relationships with others, and to their authentic selves.

Abby Peterfeso, MA, LPCC abby@affinitypsych.com

Abby is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor providing individual therapy for adults and teens (13+). She partners with those she works with to discover, connect to, and trust their own strengths, resources, and wisdom to create lasting, meaningful change.

Brittany Kerr, MSW, LICSW brittany@affinitypsych.com

Brittany is a licensed independent clinical social worker who works with individuals and couples. She uses a person-centered approach to allow you to be the navigator of your own life and works with you to promote healing and growth, shift perspectives, and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Angela Brust, MSW, LICSW angela@affinitypsych.com

Angela is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual therapy to adults and new parents. Using an integrated approach, she combines analytic insight, CBT, mindfulness, solution focused, and strength based modalities to build skills and help empower clients to overcome challenges .

Erin Seiner-Chapman, MA, LPCC erin@affinitypsych.com

Erin is a licensed professional clinical counselor who works with children, teens, adults, and families. Her approach focuses on teaching clients to make shifts in their thoughts and behaviors, and when they do, her clients are able to achieve more healthy and balanced lives.

Becca Sawyer-Smith, MA, LPCC becca@affinitypsych.com

Becca is a licensed professional clinical counselor who provides individual therapy to adolescents and adults. She engages clients in a creative, collaborative experience that allows them to grow in self-knowledge as they move towards their goals.

Madeline Falk, MA, LMFT madeline@affinitypsych.com

Madeline is a marriage and family therapist who provides family, couples, and individual therapy for children (ages 5+) through adults. She helps clients find peace and understanding, as well as proven strategies to resolve overwhelm and get back on track.

Katharine Kaftanski, MSW, LICSW katharine@affinitypsych.com

Katharine is a licensed clinical social worker who provides individual therapy to adults (18+). She excels at helping her clients better understand who they are and why they do what they do, and find joy in the midst of shifting and emerging identities.

Meridee Rilen, PSYD, LP meridee@affinitypsych.com

Meridee is a psychologist who works with adult individuals and couples. She is direct, interactive, solution-oriented, and relationship-focused in her work. She helps clients re-write their stories, unlearn old habits, and live fully authentic lives.
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