Teenagers with Social and Emotional Struggles

Adolescence is a wonderful, terrifying time of life, where situations and feelings can change in an instant. Likewise, parenting is a fulfilling, amazing experience, at the same time that it is overwhelming and unpredictable. As teenagers struggle to handle the ever-increasing social and emotional pressures in life, they often act out. Parents then become overwhelmed and frustrated, wanting to help but unsure how. Therapy can provide critical support to help young people work through those issues.

Is Your Teen Struggling?

As a parent, you probably know if your teen is struggling. However, it can be really hard to know whether what your child is going through is “normal” or if they need extra help and support.

All teens go through a process of development and change that can wreak some havoc in a family. It’s their job to start figuring out who they are separate from parents. As a result, they may act out in different ways. As a parent, you may wonder if they’re going through regular growing pains, passing through a phase, or if they need additional help.

In your gut, you probably know the answer. You can see if your teen is struggling with social and emotional issues. But it’s okay if you’re not sure. Therapy for teens can help children and adolescents coping with a wide range of issues including those that are just a regular part of growing up.

Therapy Options for Teens

Teen therapy can help your child and your family get through the tough times and on to a better place. You may explore family therapy as one option. Or you may find that your teen would best benefit from their own individual therapeutic work.

One of the things teens need most at this age is a safe, non-judgmental space where they can express themselves completely and receive only respect and support. Teens simply don’t have that in most areas of their lives. They feel that they must present a certain image with peers. They have a confusing power dynamic with teachers and other authority figures.

As a parent, you may try your best to provide this for your child but the very nature of your changing relationship as they age complicates things. Their “job” as they grow is to separate from you. Yet, they still need you. This is confusing. A therapist provides that safe space for your teenager to understand and recognize this.

Growing Up is Hard. We Can Help.

Adolescents really do have a lot on their plates these days. Teen social anxiety is at an all-time high. Teens struggle to fit in with their peers. At the same time, they’re trying to figure out their own identities. They may be struggling to come to terms with issues related to education, religion, gender identity, sexuality, and more.

Teenagers over the generations have all dealt with these issues. They’re all heightened today, though, because of the internet and social media. Cyberbullying is one aspect of that. Teens feel pressure to engage in constant image management. They are faced with persistent pinging of alerts letting them know if their peers “like” them. It’s a lot to manage. It exacerbates the regular stress of growing up to a degree that no previous generation has faced.

We want to help. We can provide your teen with that safe, quiet, respectful space to learn about themselves, express their confusion, and find solutions. Contact us today to get them started.

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