Do You Struggle To Relate To Other People?

  • Have you always had trouble reading other people’s body language and picking up on non-verbal cues?
  • Does it seem like no one understands your particular set of interests?
  • Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by crowded, loud environments?

Maybe getting to know other people has always been difficult for you, but navigating social dynamics became even more complicated when you started your first job or went away to college. Perhaps you spend lots of time online because socializing offline is so stressful. You feel like you don’t quite fit in with other people, but you can’t quite pinpoint why.

Aspergers Can Make Social Interactions Feel Complicated

If you have been diagnosed with Aspergers, or you suspect that you have this condition, you might have trouble connecting with people. You may struggle to “read between the lines” during conversations and feel like you’re missing out on social nuances. You wish that you could meet people who truly understand you, but at the same time, you may avoid social situations simply because of the anxiety you experience.

Perhaps you worry that people perceive you as uptight—you just can’t seem to “go with the flow” like others can. Dealing with uncertainty can be nerve-wracking for you, and you prefer to stick with predictable routines that give your life a sense of structure.

Maybe you wish that you could just navigate the world like everyone else. Thankfully, with therapy for Aspergers in adults, you can gain the tools you need to develop healthy, fulfilling relationships and recognize your own gifts.

Many People With Aspergers Struggle Upon Reaching Adulthood

Asperger Syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). People with ASD can experience a wide range of symptoms with varying impacts on their daily lives. Those with Aspergers are considered to be on the “high-functioning” end of this spectrum.

While every individual is unique, adults with Aspergers generally do not experience significant delays in cognitive development. In fact, many become quite knowledgeable in their specific areas of interest. They typically feel more secure with structured routines, which makes sudden transitions and uncertainty uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. 

People with Aspergers also face obstacles when it comes to socializing. They often have trouble reading body language and noticing unspoken social cues. They may feel like everyone else is following a social script that they haven’t been clued in on. 

Adults with Aspergers tend to be literal thinkers. Sarcasm, jokes, and metaphors can be hard for them to decipher. Naturally, all of these symptoms pose challenges in adult life, but without a diagnosis, someone who is struggling may not know how to get the help they need.

Aspergers Often Goes Undiagnosed

Although lots of people with Aspergers feel different from others in childhood and have trouble forming friendships, they are often able to mask mild symptoms and find a way to fit in with their peers. But in adulthood, figuring out the unspoken rules of socializing and navigating professional workplaces can become challenging. What’s more, Aspergers has not always been understood well by the healthcare community, meaning that many people entered adulthood without an accurate diagnosis.

But through therapy for Aspergers in adults, you can overcome many of these challenges. A therapist who specializes in Aspergers treatment can help you regulate your stress around others and feel more comfortable socializing.

You Can Build Confidence With Therapy For Aspergers In Adults

If you have lived with symptoms of Asperger’s for your entire life, you may be skeptical that you will be able to gain anything through therapy. But working with a therapist can be highly beneficial for adults with Aspergers. Through counseling, you can increase your confidence in social situations, learn to communicate more easily, and improve your overall quality of life.

At Affinity Psychological Services, your therapist will work to create a safe environment where you feel comfortable opening up. Over time, you’ll likely find that you have more control over your emotions and feel more relaxed when interacting with other people.

What To Expect In Therapy Sessions

You’ll book your first session by using the scheduling tool on our website. We maintain a client care list so that we can match you with a counselor at our location closest to you who specializes in therapy for Aspergers in adults. 

During your first session, you can talk to your therapist about your symptoms and which areas of life you’re struggling in. Once your therapist has had a chance to get familiar with your history and your goals, you can begin working on practical solutions to help you succeed at work, in school, or in relationships. 

If you struggle with high sensitivity to sensory input (e.g., you may be easily stressed by big crowds), you can spend time learning how to navigate environments that feel overwhelming. Furthermore, you’ll work on your relational skills,  deepening your understanding of others’ emotional experiences so that you can respond appropriately in conversations.

Treatment Modalities For Adults With Aspergers

Your treatment plan will be customized based on your symptoms and goals for therapy. Depending on your symptoms, your therapist may work on teaching you new coping skills for regulating your anxiety or modifying your behavior. Certain therapeutic modalities, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, are often highly beneficial for adults with Aspergers. 

CBT for Aspergers can help you break down unhealthy beliefs about yourself, especially the beliefs that influence behavioral patterns that don’t serve you. Furthermore, CBT allows you to step back and question whether or not your assumptions are actually true. By unpacking  negative thought patterns, you may find that you’ve been defining yourself and your capabilities in ways that do not reflect reality. Furthermore, we will work on replacing these thoughts and beliefs with an outlook that is positive and empowering, allowing you to move through life with more self-confidence. 

Counseling is not a cure for Aspergers, yet you can still make impressive progress by working with the right therapist. With treatment, many adults with Aspergers are able to build healthier relationships, improve their performance at work, and feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

But You May Still Have Questions About Therapy For Aspergers In Adults…

I’m worried that therapy will be unaffordable.

We know that the high cost of therapy discourages many people from reaching out for help. That’s why Affinity Psychological Services is a pro-insurance practice. We accept a wide range of insurance plans in order to make therapy affordable and accessible for our clients. 

I already struggle with meeting new peoplehow can I open up to a stranger?

Interacting with a therapist who has plenty of experience helping adults with Aspergers is very different from navigating a typical social situation. You do not have to worry about missing non-verbal cues or trying to hide your specific interests. In therapy, you are free to be yourself, and your therapist will help you work on the social skills that you want to improve.

Will therapy really be able to help me improve my life?

If you feel like Aspergers has been holding you back for years, you may be skeptical that therapy can be genuinely effective. However, many adults with Aspergers make significant progress in their personal and professional lives with treatment. While there is no “cure” for Aspergers, counseling can help you develop practical skills for navigating life and focus on the unique gifts you bring to the table.

Aspergers Does Not Have To Define You

If you are curious about therapy for Aspergers in adults, but you have some questions about treatment, we encourage you to get in touch with us through our contact page. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you can book your first session through our scheduling page. We have locations in St. Cloud, Plymouth, and Edina, Minnesota.

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