Young Adult, Millenials, and the iGeneration

Your generation gets a bad rap. You know it, and we know it. Others may see you as entitled, not hard-working, and unwilling to follow the rules of “the real world,” but we just couldn’t disagree more.

Your desire to be seen and appreciated for who you really are is courageous. Your need to feel purpose and meaning, in your personal and professional lives, is admirable. At the same time, a lot is riding on the decisions you’re making right now. Your relationships, career, finances, time, interests, and sense of self can all feel highly impacted. It’s not easy to figure out how to chart the right course for yourself.

The questions can sometimes feel overwhelming. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who can I be? Do I even know who I am or who I could be? Do I see myself clearly? What do I want most? What should I do first? What is the most important? Am I making mistakes? What if my parents don’t accept me as I am? Is it more important to be true to myself or to honor my parents?

You may find yourself worrying about specific issues like the high cost of education, competition in the workplace, uncertainty about the future, the divide between the haves and the have nots, politics, healthcare, money, relationships, and more.

Do you ever find yourself feeling lonely and isolated?

Even though you are connected to more people through social media than prior generations ever knew, you may still be experiencing loneliness and a sense of isolation. You value authenticity but feel unable to share the less-than-perfect moments of your life with friends or family.

Being constantly connected means you are aware of events the moment they happen. As such, you may find yourself feeling hopeless about the fate of the world or your future. If you are disconnected for very long, you might worry about what you are missing. Some young adults and Millenials find themselves feeling constantly on edge, tethered to devices that have the capacity both to activate and to soothe their stress.

Learning to hear and follow your inner wisdom makes navigating these difficult situations much easier.

At Affinity, we see everyone’s value and worth. We use a strengths-based approach to help you feel empowered to answer the questions that plague you and to pursue your unique dreams and goals confidently.

Balancing that out, though, we also know that you are more open to acknowledging that stress and more proactively seeking help for it. Our goal is to help you find your own sense of agency so you can figure out how to make your life work well – for you. When you begin to feel more empowered to chart your own course, the stress level doesn’t feel as crushing as it once did.

When you begin hearing and trusting your inner voice, there is less to worry about, less to stress about, and decisions don’t seem as daunting as they do when you are unsure of which path is right for you. Energy and eagerness to move forward will help you achieve everything you desire when you are able to stop doubting your every move.

Contact us today to set up an appointment. Most young adults and Millenials find it exhilarating when they start to feel alignment between their inner voice and the path they’re following during their life transitions. We can’t wait to see you running more confidently towards a meaningful future!

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